M21 at Sherborne Castle
Porsche row
Porsches at Weymouth
Porsche Club meet at Marque 21
M21 at Sherborne Castle
Porsche rears
Classic Porsches
Porsche 911 Carrera GTS
Porsche clinic at Marque 21
Marque 21 at a show
Porsche club at Weymouth
A line of Porsches
Porsche Club GB stand
Orange Porsche
Porsche Enthusiasts Club
Marque 21 at Sherborne
Porsche through the decades
Black Porsche
1975 Porsche racing car
Porsche clinic at Marque 21

News & Events Diary

Events – we've had a few …quite a few actually!
Marque 21 regularly holds Porsche Surgeries when you can bring your Porsche for assessment. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a bun, look round the cars, have a chat to fellow owners and discuss any of your car concerns with one of our technicians.

In addition, Marque 21 holds Open Days and attends many classic car events, so you'll find the company and its cars popping up all over the West Country.


No new events at this time.


Porsche Servicing at Marque 21


At Marque 21, your Porsche will be serviced according to manufacturer's recommendations. More info >
Engine based work at Marque 21

Engine Room

As well as routine maintenance,  engine based work is a speciality at Marque 21.
More info >
Porsche restoration and rebuilds at Marque 21

Restoration & Rebuilds

From a mechanical rebuild or total strip-down to paint removal, de-rusting or bespoke trimming.
More info >
Wheel allignment machine at Marque 21

Wheel Alignment

Our extremely accurate computerised wheel allignment system has many benefits.
More info >
Porsche bodywork at Marque 21


From popping out a minor ding to a completely restored body shell, Marque 21 has the skills. More info >
Marque 21 workshop


The Marque 21 team has the mechanical and engineering, knowledge and experience.
More info >
Porsche projects at Marque 21


Extensive experience of project work and racing allow us to develop your Porsche to.
More info >
Enjoy your Porsche

Vroom vroom!

Creating a bespoke Porsche is a speciality at Marque 21, with lots of options available.
More info >
Porsche 993 C2S for sale

Cars for Sale

Although not a dealer, occasionally Marque 21 is able to offer interesting cars for sale.
More info >
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