Porsche 356
Old Porsche at Goodwood
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Porsche 356


Projects are great news - they add to the interest of being an engineer. Marque 21 has been involved in building cars specifically for racing, converting cars for investment and ground-up builds of much coveted recreations.  

The mix of cars involved is pretty wide. Lotus (Loti?), Austin-Healeys, XKs, 911s (of course!) and a real show stopper – a Ford GT40 recreation.

This kind of work calls for a lot of research, investment and technical competence. But probably, above all – patience! It is one thing to buy a wreck and want to convert it to a track car, but it’s only when you start digging into a car that you get to know its failings.

But the results are worth it. To have a car that reflects your personal criterion, however demanding, has to be one of the most satisfying aspects of ownership.

Whatever you have in mind, call in for an informal chat. Based on extensive experience of project work and racing, a fully-costed proposal can be prepared to meet your exact requirements from finding a donor car to preparing an existing car for classic motoring events.

Please click on the images to view a project in detail.

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